Çarşamba, Mart 24, 2021

password reset / recovery on HP procurve switch


There are two pinhole on the Procurve switches: one is reset and the other is clear.
Press the inner button of the Clear pinhole for 6-7 seconds.
Then restart the switch with reload command or plug out/on the power cable.
On next start password wont be asked.
Then you should change the manager password with
#password manager

if you want to erase startup config

#erase startup-config

be cautious! this command wil erase all your config.

if you want easy initial configuration.


command will let you config the essential configuration

How to reset Dell poweredge switch config ? (Dell 5548)


Power up the switch
press esc before flash boot. it will ask for 3-5 seconds before boot. 

enter the password recovery mode [press 3]
then go back and restart your switch
The switch wont ask you password on next login.

then you can configure your new password with:
(config)#username user1 password your_password privilege 15

if you want to erase all config of the switch:

#delete startup-config

press Y for delete startup config
(switch will reboot)

then it will prompt whether you want initial config with wizard or not.
you should config via wizard or manually.

Salı, Mart 02, 2021

Arista snmp v3 config

!arista snmpv3 config
#snmp-server contact [email protected]
#snmp-server location Organization-Unit-DC-Room-Cabinet-Rack-Unit
#snmp-server local-interface Management1
#snmp-server view all-items iso included
#snmp-server group <group_name> v3 priv read all-items
#snmp-server user <user_name> <group_name> v3 auth sha <auth_password> priv aes <priv_password>
#snmp-server host <IP_address> version 3 auth <user_name>